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2009.10.04 cafe at Ueno park

This is a cafe named Kissako 喫茶去 at Ueno Park 上野公園, in Tokyo 東京.
Kissako 喫茶去 is originally a word of Zen, and means “Welcome here! Would you like some tea?”
I was relaxed at the cozy atmosphere with nice music.
The tasty Japanese sweet, "Cream-An-Mitsuクリームあんみつ" which contains ice-cream(=Cream), sweet bean paste (=An), syrup (=Mitsu), Japan agar, salty beans, and so on.
cafe : Kissako 喫茶去
Address: 4-59, Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan MAP
TEL: 03-3821-8126

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  2. Tokyo 東京
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2009.09.29 chinese restaurant in downtown Tokyo

Today I went to the small chinese buffet, named "Kameido Gyoza 亀戸餃子" at the downtown Ryogoku両国 in Tokyo東京. It' a chinese style but the taste is quite different from that in China. If my chinise friends come here, they may say this is Japanese-chinese-food!
All the menu are reasonable and the tastes are so nice that the restaurant attracts visitors all the time.
It takes 5~6 minutes walk from the kokugikan 国技館 or National sports arena in Ryogoku両国.
How about visiting the restaurant after watching SUMO 相撲?

Restaurant: Kameido Gyoza 亀戸餃子 両国店
Address:東京都墨田区両国4-34-10 MAP
Menu: Gyoza餃子 250yen (5 pieces), Cha-hanチャーハン 550yen
Open: 11:30~20:40

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  2. Tokyo 東京
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2009.09.28 Park Hyatt Tokyo

Here is the scenery from the hotel, Park Hyatt Tokyo パークハイアット東京 at Shinjuku 新宿. The hotel has a special kind of urban atmosphere. At night, the town lights loolked like the sea of lights from the window. l felt as if I were at an island in the urban air of Tokyo.
morning coffee, the service for Hyatt passport members
breakfast room service

Hotel: Park Hyatt Tokyo パークハイアット東京
Address: 3-7-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan MAP

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  2. Tokyo 東京
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2009.09.23 Asian restaurant near Roppongi

Today I attended the seminar at Roppongi hills 六本木ヒルズ in Tokyo東京. "Roppongi hills" is the name of the commercial complex in Roppongi六本木. There're luxury shops, hotels, theatre, and companies.
After the seminar, I went to the Vietnamese restaurant, CYCRO. It's NOT AT Roppongi hills but NEAR the hills, therefore it's not so crowded, and relatively more reasonable than luxury restaurants in the hills.
There're lots of restaurants in Tokyo, not only Japanese traditional style but various restaurants. Many of them are clean and nice!
Shop: Vietnamese restaurant CYCRO
Address: 6-6-9, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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  2. Tokyo 東京
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2009.09.13 Asakusa sweet, Dorayaki

One of my favorite sweets is the Dorayaki どら焼き at the shop Kamejyu 亀十, near Seso-ji 浅草寺 at Asakusa, in Tokyo.
Dorayaki is a confection of bean paste sandwiched between two pancakes. It looks like Dora どら or gong in English, that's why it is called Dorayaki. In the shop, there are two types of Dorayaki: 黒あん or the sweet black bean pastes, and 白あん or the sweet white ones. I like the latter. It's soft and fine. My grandmother, who is already 85years old, says that the Dorayaki of this shop has feminine impression!

Do you know the famous Japanese comic "Doraemon ドラえもん"?
It has been so popular among children in Japan for more than 30 years.
Doraemon, a cat-look robot, is the lovely hero of the comic and he loves Dorayaki どら焼き.

Kamejyu 亀十
Address: 2-18-11 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan MAP
Open: 10:00~20:30
Price: the dorayaki of White bean paste 315yen
Comments: It is very popular and often sold out. If you can find it, you're very luckey.

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  2. Tokyo 東京
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