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2009.11.22 a hospitality word

In Japanese, "ご馳走(gochisou)" means "gorgeous meals" for guests. Originally, in Japanese, 馳走 means "ride a horse quickly.". The words derives from a long time ago when there is no car in Japan. A host gathers fresh foods by "riding out the horse" urgently and make nice dishes to welcome the guest as quick as possible.
The word reminds us of the hospitality in old days, which is the same as our hearts now!

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  2. life
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2009.11.15 Daigakuimo, a Japanese sweet

This is 大学芋(Daigakuimo), a popuar sweet in Japan. It is fried sweet potato, coated with liquid sugar. At the shop named おいもやさん興伸 (oimo-ya-san Kou-shin) at Asakusa in Tokyo, you can choose from various kinds of the potatoes. I like Kamote(カモテ), the soft and sweety one!

!!Attention!! I recommend you to taste at the day you get it. The taste changes if you eat on the next day.

Shop infomation:
おいもやさん興伸(oimo-ya-san Kou-shin)@Asakusa
Address: 1-21-5, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Google map: MAP
Shop website (only Japanese): Shop info

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  2. Tokyo 東京
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2009.11.11 Shinkansen, and....

Shinkan-sen新幹線 is a famous train in Japan.
It's long train. One of the newest line, N700 has 400m, as the first car comes to the tokyo station, the last car is still passing the next station! It can be accelerated to a maximum velocity 270km/h from Osaka to Tokyo.
I like to enjoy some food and drink in the Shinkan-sen,
This is Shumaiしゅうまい, or steamed ground pork, which youcan get at the shop Horai蓬莱 in Osaka and Kyoto station. I like to have it with mustard.
It is so popular that there is often a long line in front of the shop.

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  2. Osaka 大阪
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2009.11.08 Mt.Fuji from Haknoe

This is the scenery of Mt.Fuji from Ohwakudani, Hakone箱根 in Kanagawa prefecture. Mt.Fuji seems to have something related to the mentality of Japanese, as sometimes it is worshiped as "Reihou霊峰", meaning "Holly mountain." The highest mountain in Japan, surrounded by plains and low hills, is highly visible. It can be seen at various places in Japan, including Tokyo, where 100km far from the volcano.... It reminds us of the nature power. In fact, surprisingly, Japan is the place where 4 plates are gathering under the ground: Eurasian, Philippine, Pacific and North American plate. The movements of the plates have caused many volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Mt.Fuji has already erupted few times; the latest eruption was in 1707. Other volcanoes are now still active, such as in Sakurajima, a peninsula in Kyushu district, there happened more than 400 times of eruption in THIS YEAR! These ceaseless activities of nature must have effected on the sense of Japanese in some way. We accept that everything is to change, which might be taught by the great power of nature.
This is the painting about Mt. Fuji by Katsushika Hokusai 葛飾北斎 in 1800's, which is said to effect on many artists in other countries such as Vincent van Gogh.

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  2. Kanagawa 神奈川
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2009.11.05 Korean restaurant in Tokyo

"COPAIN・COPINE", my favorite Korean restaurant near the Tokyo station.

The Korean restaurant COPAIN・COPINE コパンコパン
Address: 3-6-1, Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo MAP

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  2. Tokyo 東京
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