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2009.11.08 Mt.Fuji from Haknoe

This is the scenery of Mt.Fuji from Ohwakudani, Hakone箱根 in Kanagawa prefecture. Mt.Fuji seems to have something related to the mentality of Japanese, as sometimes it is worshiped as "Reihou霊峰", meaning "Holly mountain." The highest mountain in Japan, surrounded by plains and low hills, is highly visible. It can be seen at various places in Japan, including Tokyo, where 100km far from the volcano.... It reminds us of the nature power. In fact, surprisingly, Japan is the place where 4 plates are gathering under the ground: Eurasian, Philippine, Pacific and North American plate. The movements of the plates have caused many volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Mt.Fuji has already erupted few times; the latest eruption was in 1707. Other volcanoes are now still active, such as in Sakurajima, a peninsula in Kyushu district, there happened more than 400 times of eruption in THIS YEAR! These ceaseless activities of nature must have effected on the sense of Japanese in some way. We accept that everything is to change, which might be taught by the great power of nature.
This is the painting about Mt. Fuji by Katsushika Hokusai 葛飾北斎 in 1800's, which is said to effect on many artists in other countries such as Vincent van Gogh.

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  2. Kanagawa 神奈川
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2009.10.11 Stay at Gorakadan (part3)

Gorakadan強羅花壇 is known as a luxury hotel. I could enjoy onsen温泉 or hot spring at private garden of the room. There is also a big onsen for all all guests, which is fine, too.
Address: 神奈川県足柄下郡箱根町強羅1300 MAP

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  2. Kanagawa 神奈川
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2009.10.09 Tea time at Gorakadan (part2)

the fascinating corridor from the restaurant Kadan to the main robby of the hotel
the cosmea, a seasonal flower in autumn
the nice tea and cake with the beautiful scenery of Hakone

Address: 神奈川県足柄下郡箱根町強羅1300 MAP

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  2. Kanagawa 神奈川
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2009.10.07 a lunch at Gora kadan (part1)

Silver grasses of Hakone箱根 in Kanagawa神奈川 prefecture. Generally, silver grass is a symbol of autumn in Japan. We have a traditional custom so called Otsukimiお月見, to enjoy the full moon in the autumn evening, arranging silver grasses in the room. It was October 3rd of this year.
Train trip is a good way to feel the season. 
I had a lunch at Kaiseki kadan. It is a part of luxury resourt, Gora kadan強羅花壇 at Hakone箱根.
The building was originally built more than 80years ago, and was the summer residence of Prince Kan-in-no-miya 閑院宮. He wasd an inner member of the Japanese Imperial family.
Umesyu梅酒 or Japanese plum brandy
懐石料理 花壇 Kaisekiryori Kadan (the restaurant in Gorakadan強羅花壇)
Address: 神奈川県足柄下郡箱根町強羅1300 MAP
Menu: Hana no zen lunch (the course of pictures above: plum brandy, appetizer, sashimi, and others) 3850yen
Official Website: 強羅花壇

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  2. Kanagawa 神奈川
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2009.09.17 A lunch at a hideaway

I like the quiet atomosphere around the small station, Kitakamakura 北鎌倉 in Kanagawa 神奈川.
I found the sin of the restaurant "GALLERY NEST", which I'm going to.
Is there really the restaurant over the steps?
This is it!
The cute tabletop wares
The healthy lunch boxes
enjoying lunch at the terrace with the nice scenery, while breathing in the gentle breeze of Kamakura
Restaurant&Cafe GALLERY NEST
Address: 神奈川県鎌倉市台1399-1 MAP
Open: 11:30~14:30, 14:30~18:00 except for Tuesdays
Lunch Menu: Lunch box, Pasta, Curry, Hamburger (\1575 each)
Comment: You can book only when you're able to go at 11:30. (TEL: 0467-47-9540)

テーマ:神奈川 - ジャンル:地域情報

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  2. Kanagawa 神奈川
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