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2009.06.25 Jingu Shrine at Ise

Jingu, the shrine known as Ise Jingu(伊勢神宮) in Mie三重 prefecture, consists of two places: the Naiku(内宮) where Amaterasu Omikami(天照大神), the ancestral kami of the Imperial Family is worshiped, and Geku where Toyouke Omikami(豊受大神), the kami of agriculture and industry is worshiped. I like the atmosphere of Naiku in the morning. The buildings now, made of Japanese cypress, have the same shape as that in old days, because of the ritual reconstruction, so called Shikinen-sengu(式年遷宮) performed every 20 years since the 7th century. Thanks to the system, the master builders have passed on their buiding techniques of shrines surely to younger generations. It' the way to seek for "forever" in Japan, where erthquakes often happen. The next reconstruction is held in 2013.



I recommend you to go to Naiku(内宮) EARLY IN THE MORNING because it's so quiet and a few people that we can hear the various sounds of nature in detail: the river, birds, winds and trees. It' a very popular place in Japan, so if you go there at noon especially on weekends, there must be so many people like Tokyo Disneyland! I went there at 6:00AM. It'll be better to go a little earlier...

Address: 1 Ujitachi-cho, Ise, Mie 516-0023, Japan
TEL: 0596-24-1111
URL: http://www.isejingu.or.jp/


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